Style Your Way to Success!

A Step-by-Step System for the Home-Based Executive Woman Who Needs a Business Wardrobe That Opens Doors and Commands Respect; Created Especially for YOU, by a Fellow Home-Based Woman Executive

Are you a work-at-home woman executive who needs a to update your image? Looking for advice about what colors and styles to wear so you look younger and more vibrant? Ready to make a complete change in the way you look but don't have a clue where to start?
Here's why you should attend this convenient, online workshop:
  1. Inner confidence is blindingly beautiful.People know it when they see it. When you have confidence, you walk into a room and OWN IT! It puts you in the driver's seat as the navigator of your life.
  2. Self-knowledge and self-acceptance creates a whole new world. When you look at yourself lovingly and know how to highlight your assets, you will feel more balanced inside and outside.
  3. Making heads turn gives you a voice with authority. when you look put-together people want to hear what you have to say.
  4. Wearing your colors makes you look healthy and radiant. Color is the single most reliable way to guarantee that you look young, energetic, and healthy. Period.
  5. When you feel good about your outside you will radiate positive energy on the inside. When you know you look good, and you love yourself for who you are, you feel, think, and act differently. 
Any of this sound familiar?
  • You’re getting ready to meet with a client and you stare in your closet proclaiming, “I have nothing to wear!”
  • Every time you leave the house you feel self-doubt about yourself.
  • You LOVE your new business and you want it to flourish, but you’re so unsure of yourself you’re afraid to get out there and network.
  • You’ve been working so hard building your business, you forgot to take time to build a confident image.
If any of this rings true, then I have a special treat for you. I’d like to invite you to the FIRST express-your-confident-style workshop that will give you back the joy of getting dressed.

You see, I’m a work-at-home-woman-executive AND I’ve figured it all out for you so you can easily follow my style advice. Creating an authentic and powerful Signature Style for myself was one of the keys to being confident inside and out. That’s why I’m ready to walk you through the same process that works so successfully for me. I've helped hundreds of home-based women executives transform with more confidence inside and out.

"My time with Linda changed my life. Yes, I know this sounds overly dramatic, but truly, being able to get dressed every day, feel put together instead of overwhelmed by indecision really IS life changing!" -- Lynne O'Connor, Home-Based Woman Executive

Here’s what I used to do. Stand in front of my closet in the morning, feeling frustrated and sad, grabbing the first thing that was clean, and running out of the house. I felt invisible and sort of drab. Not particularly sexy or attractive. Now that I know my colors and styles, and my closet is organized, I always put together new and fun outfits, and I’m prepared for all my professional events. Here’s the bonus: my husband is very attentive if you know what I mean! I walked into Trader Joes the other day and a man I didn’t know walked up to me and said, “I’m not trying to pick you up, but I just had to tell you how beautiful you look.” Okay, that made my day!

Wake up your inner beauty with color and style

My workshop is designed for you, the home-based executive who needs to shed those threadbare sweats, get out of the house, and present yourself confidently at a meeting or speaking engagement.  I’ll teach you:
  • how to project an authentic image that’s integrated with your personality.
  • practical advice to help you plan your outfits when you're delivering a speech at a networking event, or meeting with a prospective client.
  • how to transform into an attractive, confident executive who commands respect.
  • how to become an attraction machine!
"I LOVE your work so much, Linda. I do not exaggerate when I say that the session you did for me (and my husband) is a point of reference for us EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was as if we were both born into OUR bodies in a whole new way just from the awareness you delivered (with your words and with your being) to us about the power of our appearance." -- Jesica Davis, Intuitive Consultant

Five reasons you should focus on your image:

1.     Dressing the person you are helps others see you authentically.
2.     Wearing the right colors and styles help get you noticed for the right reasons.
3.     Your signature style tells the world you are confident and powerful.
4.     Clothes are an investment in yourself.
5.     Dressing carefully and lovingly shows you respect and value yourself.

Coming Soon:
 "6 Weeks to Style Success with Linda Waldon"
Shed your sweats and present yourself confidently!

I’m going to convince you that the most positive impact you can have on your new business is to change your wardrobe.  Because image matters – it matters for your own sense of confidence and it matters to anyone who meets you! The most surprising and positive outcome of a wardrobe makeover is when you re-discover your inner and outer beauty and renewed energy. It may sound superficial to talk about how you look and dress.  But it’s a lot deeper than that – it’s all about knowing yourself completely, and feeling comfortable in your own skin and having your own unique style that says I am strong, confident, and knowledgeable. And that translates into how people perceive you, how they are drawn to you, and they want to hear whatever you have to say. 

Are you unsure about your signature style? You don’t need to look to the fashion design industry for your unique style – I’ll teach you how to mix-and-match from all sorts of designers to put together your own, unique look. If you’re on a tight budget, I’ll show you how to create fabulous outfits on a modest income. Of course, you won’t be making a modest income for long! You’re going to attract new business with your polished look.

The secret to confident dressing

In just a few weeks, you’re going to walk away with:
  • The ability to create attractive outfits that make an impact and take your business to the next level.
  • Knowing how to mix and match colors, garment styles, and accessories.
  • Knowing what works with your body type.
  • You will know how to create an organized, simplified wardrobe.
  • A powerful, impactful, and confident image on the inside and out!
You’ll be able to work from home and also look polished and poised in front of your customers. No one will ever know that 24 hours previously you were sitting in front of your computer dressed in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt!

Confident Style for the Home-based Woman Executive

Transform your frumpy home-based look into a gorgeous, “put-together” executive image in four fun-packed weeks.

You'll receive a color palette card in a beautifully handmade pouch that guides you to buy the exact colors that will make you look radiant!

What would greater confidence do for your life?  

You could:
  • Accept speaking engagements and become a thought leader.
  • Attend more conferences and make new contacts.
  • Make more fulfilling relationship choices.
  • Create more abundance, balance, and joy in your life!

"I want you to know that the suggestions you gave me were look and wardrobe changers. The things I learned from you and your website were things I didn't know and had never heard anywhere else.  I changed my colors, the cuts of my clothes, and the biggest payoff for me was the difference I experienced when I went shopping.  In and out, no endless deliberations, over shopping, and returns.  It did literally change my life."  -- Tina Cypert, Work-at-Home Consultant 

Empower yourself with a wardrobe that presents a more harmonious, put-together image. 

You'll be empowered to get out and do more speaking engagements.

Step-by-Step, information-packed virtual workshops designed to get results!  Learn how to define your signature style, wear colors that make you look younger and more radiant, leverage your inner strengths, and position yourself with confidence and impact to accelerate your career and much more!

Align your inner and outer beauty!

What You Learn
This workshop shows you in simple, easy-to-implement steps exactly how to take control over your own style and dress confidently in your very own colors, shapes, and signature style. 

Here's What You Get:
  1. 16 Engaging, Information-Packed Video Lessons You'll feel like you're sitting in the room with a professional stylist, but you'll have the privacy and convenience of scheduling your own time as you learn how to Be a Confident Dresser
  2. Personalized Consultation Enjoy a personalized color and style consultation via Skype
  3. Find Your True Colors Questionnaire You get easy-to-follow instructions to determine your coloring and body type, and then you'll receive your own color palette card tailored to give you laser focus on the right colors to buy
  4. Closet Organization Guide Overcome your closet clutter and get your wardrobe organized
  5. Weekly, Live Style Advice Calls with Linda PLUS Access to Your Own Private "Style Success" Facebook Group of fellow home-based women entrepreneurs -- all ready to cheer you on, answer style questions, share shopping tips, and celebrate your successes! 
Module 1: The Art of Wearing Your Best Colors
  • Take a color assessment survey and discover your natural color attributes
  • Why the right colors make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle!
  • Discover the color palette that brings out your radiance
  • Learn how to judge the difference between "warm" and "cool" colors
  • The truth about wearing black--ways to transform your boring black wardrobe
  • Build a wardrobe of core staples in neutrals and pop with colors
  • How to mix and match colors to express your authentic personality
  • Exactly what to buy and what to leave on the rack!

Module 2: What Works with Your Body Shape
  • Learn to see your body through an artist's eyes
  • How to find your unique body proportions
  • Discover what clothes are best for your body type
  • How to balance your body proportions to look longer and leaner
  • The "Art of Distraction" using fashion to maximize your assets and minimize flaws
  • Your most flattering hair style and neckline for your face shape
Module 3: Define Your Signature Style
  • Take a personality assessment to discover and confirm your inner strengths
  • Tap into your True Colors Harmony Zone to express your inner and outer beauty
  • Create a signature look that tells the world who you are
  • How to quickly put an outfit together when you have a last-minute meeting
  • The art of accessorizing to help you look polished and "put-together"
  • How to re-purpose the clothes you already own
  • Know yourself inside and out, feeling more harmonious and balanced
Module 4: Build a Wardrobe You Love
  • How to simplify and build a wardrobe of essentials that serve your lifestyle
  • The closet clean-out plan--why you shouldn't hang on to your "fantasy" clothes
  • How to get rid of the clutter and organize your closet
  • Closet organization tips that will keep your wardrobe fresh and functional
  • How to look stylish without spending a fortune on new clothes
  • Tips to shop like a pro!
  • How to go from Frumpy to Fabulous every day! 

Bonus: I'll be available to coach and answer your questions!

So How Much Is This Going to Cost?

If you hired me to provide a total image consultation, including color and body analysis, closet organization, and personal shopping, you could easily expect to pay up to $1,500 for what you’ll learn in the workshop. If you’re like most of my clients, you’ll have thought the money well spent given the impact it’s going to have on your business and personal life. But, if you want a simple, clear-cut blueprint of how you should dress without wasting a lot of money trying to figure it out for yourself, then this workshop is for you. You can register right now for a very budget-friendly $395.

Take a Fantastic Journey to Self-Discovery!